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The Development of Laser Technology

Laser welding machine welding process produced three main cracks: knot cracks, liquefied cracks and reheat cracks. Crystalline cracks are related to the compositional heterogeneity of the weld macroscopic region. The central area of the weld is the latest part of the liquid phase crystallization, where the columnar crystals on both sides of the weld intersect at the same time, and a large number of low melting impurities are also accumulated here to form a centerline segregation, thereby…


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Nominal Ocular Dazzle Distance

The “Nominal Ocular Dazzle Distance” concept was developed by Dr. Craig Williamson and Dr. Leon McLin, around 2015. This concept allows more precision when determining how much a visible-light laser exposure interferes with vision by causing dazzle or glare. There are two main parts:

1. Determining how wide an area of vision can be blocked by dazzle, before a given task is difficult or impossible.

2. Determining the …


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Mysterious Laser Weapon

Laser weapon is a weapon that can be used to attack the target with the laser beam, and to make it lose its operational capability. This kind of burning laser weapons, generally refers to the weapons which power have come to thousands of joule or more, caused that, it is also known as strong laser weapon. Those weapons used in laser interference optical system and…


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"Star Wars" Program

Russia Burning Laser Weapon Still Over America

 Despite the highly secretive of Russian laser weapons, but as early as December 2014, the former chief of the Russian armed forces Yuri Baluyevsky had announced that the Russian laser weapon are not falling behind the United States,they can destroy all weapons system".The USA WATM research institutions list Russia's most threatening new weapons,…


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The Strongest Laser Weapon in the World!

Laser weapon as a modern concept of weapons, has many characteristics, its operational capability is quite amazing, I am very optimistic about the burning laser weapon. But now the level of development of laser weapons is not enough to put into combat,what i wanna say is how to improve the performance of laser weapons.

Performance of laser weapon



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National laser weapon defense system

According to the "National Defense" reported in July 3rd, Congress plan to approve the budget of $120 million for the U.S. military to develop the burning laser weapons. Laser weapon is a weapon that is very destructive. It is expected to be installed on the AC-130 attack machine which is used by the US Army Special Operations Command. Analysts and defense officials say it…


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American military laser weapon development

High energy laser HEL (MD) is a prototype of a 5000mw Laser Pointer weapon developed by the aviation giant Boeing company for the United States military. Inside the truck, Blount Stephanie, Boeing's Electronic Physics engineer, is looking at the target on his laptop screen and using the palm game controller to direct the laser emission.…


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Someone has created a powerful laser cannon.

According to the British Daily Mail reported that the use of waste parts and damaged electronic components, a creative man has created a portable laser cannon, which can send 200 watts of light. This huge death ray is about 400 times stronger than the most dangerous level listed FDA. Its creators say the laser monster is 40 times more powerful than the…


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