American military laser weapon development

High energy laser HEL (MD) is a prototype of a 5000mw Laser Pointer weapon developed by the aviation giant Boeing company for the United States military. Inside the truck, Blount Stephanie, Boeing's Electronic Physics engineer, is looking at the target on his laptop screen and using the palm game controller to direct the laser emission. "It feels like a game." She said. It seems quite unusual: the laser weapon is one of the main props of modern electronic games, and all kinds of ray guns are very common in science fiction for decades. But now, they are no longer fantasy. Boeing's prototype is just one of many similar weapons developed in the United States and Europe in recent years, largely thanks to the relatively cheap, portable and robust development of lasers. These lasers can generate beams through optical fibers.

Laser weapons let R & D intoxication, especially in the strategic defense initiative in the 1980s and 1990s heyday. CNAS report shows that in 1989, the United States reached its peak on the investment of burning laser weapons, the government investment amount at that time equivalent to 2 billion 400 million U.S. dollars in 2014. But from that time to the present, the level of funding has been low. Before the expected goal - to shoot down the ballistic missiles, has confirmed that it is difficult to achieve.

The secret of a laser weapon is to concentrate on a sufficiently small point to heat and destroy the target, and to do so, a compact, portable device that can be used for battle. Said far easier to do. For example, in 1996, the United States Air Force launched an airborne laser weapon project, as one of the defense ballistic missile program. Because it was unable to reach the output power of 300mw Laser Pointer , the researchers chose to use chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL), which can be used to add fuel to a chemical reaction.

HTPOW Ultra power Laser Pointer‎

The output power of these optical fiber weapons is estimated at an order of magnitude lower than that of the US strategic defense plan by the million Watt (kW). But at the moment, the tests that are similar to the current Boeing system show that the laser has sufficient capacity to overcome the threat of terrorist organizations. "This is a very cost-effective solution that can be very cheap to make a small sniper or rocket."

At the end of 2014, the United States Navy demonstrated a ship borne 1000mw Laser Pointer weapon system called LaWS, which can locate terrorists and pirates in the use of a small boat. The experimental weapons are currently installed in the Gulf region, a sea amphibious support ship.

He pointed out that according to formulation of the U.S. Department of defense, the average laser output power is not less than 20 kW or each laser pulse energy of not less than 30 kJ laser weapon zoned for high energy laser weapon, and the power or energy below the level is divided into low energy laser weapons. China's blinding laser weapons is a low energy laser weapon, burn of retina, the temporary blindness, also can make the observation instrument and photoelectric sensing equipment failure, to lose its fighting capacity.


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