This short article isn't about encouraging you to operate a vehicle drunk. You should never drive drunk. It's dangerous to yourself and others. Don't do it. However, when you yourself have even one drink and drive, you are at risk of finding a DUI, even although you are below the legal limit. It happens most of the time.


Drunk driving laws vary from State to State. You should always speak together with your attorney for specific suggestions about the law. However, there are always a few key concepts about drunk driving law for which you need to be aware, which might just be the difference between going home and sleeping in your bed, and going to jail and sleeping with criminals.

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Cops Are Not On Your Side


And there isn't any Santa Claus either. The ugly the fact is that the occasions of the friendly beat cop walking down main street making friendly with the local town folk and business owners is long gone. The authorities have a difference mission. You've heard the old adage about you obtain everything you measure. Well, cops are measured by the tickets they write and arrests which they make. Should they aren't writing tickets and making arrests, they aren't getting promoted.


Each time a cop pulls you over, especially if he thinks you've been drinking, he's contemplating making an arrest before he even foretells you. It becomes a matter of simply gathering evidence to build a case. He will use whatever information he can against you. He's not going to simply help you. His job is to arrest you, not build an incident of evidence that's favorable to you so he can let you go.


So when a cop walks as much as your car, know where you stand. His job is to gather evidence where to arrest you. Your job is not to provide any such evidence.


The Directly to Remain Silent


O.K. So just how do not provide any evidence which the cop will use to arrest you? Simple. Use your right to remain silent. That's right. You have the proper to remain silent, even until you are arrested, so use it. Don't be difficult or hostile. Be polite and respectful. But you're also going to need to be firm. The cops can do everything they could to obtain one to talk and provide information. Resist it. Simply tell them your attorney has advised you to not answer any questions unless he is present. Be clear and be firm, and you will end up way ahead of the game.


Once you learn nothing else about drunk driving laws, be sure you know these items. They could be the difference between you going home and sleeping in your bed, and going to pay the night time in jail.

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