National laser weapon defense system

According to the "National Defense" reported in July 3rd, Congress plan to approve the budget of $120 million for the U.S. military to develop the burning laser weapons. Laser weapon is a weapon that is very destructive. It is expected to be installed on the AC-130 attack machine which is used by the US Army Special Operations Command. Analysts and defense officials say it will be the most powerful weapon in the U.S. Arsenal, which can promote the development of laser weapon systems at various stages.

Blue 10000mw Laser Pointer Pen 450nm

How does a laser weapon work

Most of the basic technologies for producing 5000mw Laser weapons are close to maturity, but there is still a serious disagreement over how far the project should go. The Pentagon technology experts and weapons buyers have not yet decided how to create a prototype of the weapon, how to test and to ensure that funds.

The design of the laser weapon is to shoot down enemy drones, destroy the fast moving vehicles on the road, and even destroy ballistic missiles. Advocates say the most common selling point is that the cost of electronic laser weapons is much lower than that of conventional weapons, and the possibility of injury to civilians is much smaller.

The Pentagon's laser weapon strategy

The Pentagon's third countervailing strategy aimed at equipping with a new generation of 100mw Laser Pointer weapon systems, since three years ago, this strategy was set for the army in the hope of getting new technology since the people of interest has been increasing in laser weapons. Traditional bombs and missile manufacturers have invested in laser technology.

Strategic and budget assessment center senior researcher Mark Gunzinger said that if the air force special operations forces attack machine Laser Sight weapons can be successful, it will greatly shake the skeptics' views. He said: "Congress is likely to fund the project, which will be the first actual combat high energy laser weapon outside the navy." Said that the output power of this laser weapon at least 60 kilowatts, there may be as high as 150 kilowatts. 100 kilowatt laser is enough to burn a big hole in an enemy truck.



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