Someone has created a powerful laser cannon.

According to the British Daily Mail reported that the use of waste parts and damaged electronic components, a creative man has created a portable laser cannon, which can send 200 watts of light. This huge death ray is about 400 times stronger than the most dangerous level listed FDA. Its creators say the laser monster is 40 times more powerful than the 5000mw Laser Pointer . 

30000mw Laser Pointer

"I just made the most frightening of the devices," styropyro said in a YouTube video. FDA regulations limit is 0.005 watts, which is roughly equivalent to a fast eye exposure, will not cause any harm. However, the equipment used in the laboratory is often stronger, generally up to 0.5 watts, which is determined to be the upper limit of the burning laser safety level. In this way, if you look at the light on the wall, it may cause damage to your eyes.

And the styropyro's death ray burning laser is 200 times stronger than the 100mw Laser Pointer . "I used some of the discarded parts to build this laser cannons, I with a hacksaw cut a piece of scrap metal pouring with the gun, DLP projector component composition of the gun body, with a fixed blade edge and then combined with the laser beam emitted by the laser diode, a more uniform beam." Styropyro explained.

Each of the 200 watts of laser cannons requires a safety switch, and the safety switch of the Styropyro laser device is a screw driver on the circuit breaker. "This thing is very dangerous, in the use of this huge equipment, I had to wear a laser glasses equipped with an internal electric welding mask, to prevent accidentally by the laser light. Its power output is very large, in fact, it is directly exposed to the intensity of the eye is about 3300 times the direct staring at the sun."

Styropyro said it was the most powerful portable laser cannon so far. "I feel like a flash of lightning in my hand and it will be my favorite new toy." In order to test this Red Laser Pointer , Styropyro initial use this laser cannon to illuminate the computer case, the exposure of the case on the smoke. Next to the gunpowder irradiation, and then causes a small explosion, Styropyro quickly fled. The end of the experiment is a lot of balloons, a launch laser balloon instantly burst.


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