Russia Burning Laser Weapon Still Over America

 Despite the highly secretive of Russian laser weapons, but as early as December 2014, the former chief of the Russian armed forces Yuri Baluyevsky had announced that the Russian laser weapon are not falling behind the United States,they can destroy all weapons system".The USA WATM research institutions list Russia's most threatening new weapons, burning laser weapons are among them.

At present, Russia decided to follow the pace of America to develop laser weapons, and try to make it as a "killer" for the modern war.Russian Laser weapons mianly used for space-based, its combat platform is "IL -76" aircraft, can be used for air based high-energy confrontation to destroy the enemy air combat force.

Aiming accuracy has increased to the second level

Laser Pointer Most Powerful

In 1984, "A-60" used laser weapons to destroy the target of the air successfully, now this laser device has been improved greatly.Russian high powered laser weapon system's main technical reserves from the Soviet era. As early as 1965, the Soviet Union began to develop laser weapons, and set up a special bureau responsible for the design of laser weapon development in 1973.And then,they focused on the flight for air target space-based laser weapons. Based on a solid technical foundation in the field of aerospace, laser weapon test platform A-60 flight success in 1981. Then the development of Soviet Union's laser weapons significantly accelerated. 

In 1983, the United States proposed the "Star Wars" program, which set off an arms race of the two super powers. The Soviet was proud of its spacecraft loaded with a carbon dioxide 300mw Green Laser weapon. This CO2 laser output power up to 1 MW, with good penetration. But because the rocket launch control system fault in spacecraft disintegrated, the Soviet military space-based laser weapons dream complete destruction.

Based on the study of the Soviet Union, Russia made a number of breakthroughs in solid-state tactical laser weapons,and had developed a neodymium glass laser pulse laser energy of 2000 joules, aiming precision is also improved to the second level, and there have been many generation of laser weapons and equipment unit. At present, Russia developed the "A-60" space based laser weapon, which has carried out many experiments.

Ground-Based Laser Weapon

In the field of ground-based laser weapons, the Soviet Union has a variety of weapons. In 1982, the Soviet Union developed the "triangular dagger" Laser Sight successfully by using high power laser weapons, laser pulse attack photoelectric guidance system can destroy the enemy's tanks, artillery and helicopter. Later,the Soviet Union has also produced the "pink pen" laser air defense system, the "compression" and "distant" chariot laser car. "Compression" laser chariot is very similar with the United States "Zeus" laser system,which can produce high power laser pulse and destroy a certain range of enemy radar photoelectric equipment.


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