The Strongest Laser Weapon in the World!

Laser weapon as a modern concept of weapons, has many characteristics, its operational capability is quite amazing, I am very optimistic about the burning laser weapon. But now the level of development of laser weapons is not enough to put into combat,what i wanna say is how to improve the performance of laser weapons.

Performance of laser weapon

First, let's talk about the world's most powerful laser pointer weapon. Laser weapons generally include power source, laser, tracking system, target acquisition system. Target acquisition system (modern radar capable) find the target, the target parameters are transmitted to the tracking system, tracking system aim the laserand emits a laser beam to target to destroy it. Now, the target acquisition system is already quite mature, but tracking servo system is difficult because it is hard to make laser irradiated targets accurately, and the laser power is very small, the system requires high power laser pointer. Of course, if laser is strong enough ,it can destroy the target instantly. Then we are familiar with the laser and do not care about the energy of the.

450nm Burning Laser Pointer

Modern 100mw Laser Pointer weapons have two major problems, one is the energy, the other is the power of the laser.The power of it is verry important for burning laser, due to the atmosphere, resulting in facing the embarrassment of short range, so laser weapon's priority is to increase the laser power. I think United States have developed a very high power laser, so it should be another way for us in the development of the word's most powerful laser pointer. Many years ago, Nikola Tesla proposed the concept of "death ray" weapon, the death ray beam diameter billionths of a centimeter, power itself is not a light source, but due to the beam is very small, energy is concentrated, so destructive is very heavy. Tesla proposed this concept, I think there should be a corresponding theory as the basis, that is, a beam of light convergence is small enough. Modern laser technology has made an important application of burning laser, that is to say as long as the laser beam convergence is small enough, then the advent of laser weapon will be just around the corner.

Problems wait to be solved for burning laser weapon

In short, it's very important to solve the problem of laser weapon range, the 200mw Laser Pointer beam convergence is small enough. It seems a bit arrogant to make the laser beam come to the level of 1/1000000000 cm, but from the power of the modern laser point , it does not need to reach this level. Laser power can achieve some damage (to be continued irradiation for a period of time)basically , if the laser beam convergence of smaller, its power and distance will increase greatly . Here are some of the optical methods.

Laser beam is ejected from the laser, the laser beam has an ability to destroy aircraft. It seems unlikely.So, my approach is to realize the beam convergence, but gathering weapons per se can not contact the super laser beam. If the laser light source is strong enough, then its power will be very amazing.However, at present, there isn't a laser weapon can emit a laser beam of two meters in diameter. I think the problem is easier to solve by using multi beam together. In this case, the energy device needs to supply the energy of the laser.


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